SSL certificates

SSL certificates

guarantee the safety and reliability of the website

guarantee the safety and reliability of the website

SSL certificate – protecting your online business

SSL certificate is a unique digital signature of the site that provides data exchange between the site and visitors’ computers using the HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) protocol. The SSL certificate of an online store or any other commercial site itself guarantees the security of financial transactions and the transfer of confidential information. For this reason, it is a significant factor in website ranking in search engines and provides an increase in the number of your customers.

Types of certificates

DV SSL – individuals

For small projects like a personal website, a blog or a thematic forum, an SSL certificate with domain name validation will do. We recommend such certificates if clients create accounts on your site, subscribe to electronic mailings, pay for courses or other services. No documents are needed to issue a certificate with domain verification. No documents are needed to issue a certificate with domain verification. You will receive a certificate on average within 15 minutes.

DV SSL - individuals

OV SSL – small and medium business

A corporate website, a social network, an online store, an insurance or travel agency can use an SSL certificate with organization verification. We recommend such certificates if clients store personal information on your company’s website, correspond with other users, buy goods or pay for consultations. Certificates with verification of the organization are issued to individuals and legal entities.

OV SSL - small and medium business

EV SSL – large commercial enterprise

A state organization, a large online store, a car dealer, a real estate agency, a bank site will use an SSL certificate with extended verification of documents. We recommend if customers keep money or bank card data on your site, make large payments or upload personal documents. Certificates with extended verification are issued only to legal entities. When you go to the site – in the browser will appear a green line with the name of the company.

EV SSL - large commercial enterprise

SAN SSL – multiple domains

A company’s internal network, mail server, holding company or trading network will suit a multi-domain certificate. We recommend them to companies that have several sites or a site with pages on subdomains. So you protect all sites with one certificate. By default, the cost of a multi-domain certificate includes from three to five domain names. Their number can be increased. Multi-domain certificates come in three types: with domain validation, organization and green line.

SAN SSL - multiple domains
which guarantees the SSL key

Provide your customers with a high level of security.

SSL certificate has long ceased to be just a fashionable innovation. Today it is a guarantee of the security and reliability of the website, ensuring the trust of customers to your site.

Data protection

SSL creates an encrypted connection between your web server and the site visitor. All data transmitted over this connection will be protected from interception and theft.

Strong encryption

Data security is determined by the number of bits used to generate the encryption key. Our SSL certificates use 128 bit encryption or 256 bit encryption.

Browser support

Our SSL certificates are supported by most browsers in the world. This means that in the browser line next to your domain will appear a mark of information protection.

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