Website Development and Design

Website Development and Design

We carry out a full cycle of development sites on all devices.

We carry out a full cycle of development sites on all devices.

All sites are divided into 2 types – informational and service

The main types of websites

<p class="lead">Corporative</p>


<p class="lead">Portal</p>


<p class="lead">Catalog</p>


<p class="lead">Landing page</p>

Landing page

<p class="lead">Online store</p>

Online store

<p class="lead">Business card</p>

Business card

<p class="lead">Portfolio</p>


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Website – your representation in the Internet environment

Creating a website – you declare yourself and your work to hundreds of thousands of users. Website design is what the user first sees when accessing a web resource. At this moment, your company is evaluated and compared with its competitors. Based on the design of the site, the user has the impression of the level of the company. Graphic design clearly positions the company, and the quality of the site design allows you to assess your level of respect and attitude towards customers.

Stages of work of our team


Goals, Objectives and Analysis

Making a brief will allow you to define the objectives, goals, as well as the direction of further work, ways to achieve the desired result. Further analysis is carried out on whom the creation of a specific resource is aimed at, which will be its audience. A list of key queries on a given topic or the compilation of the semantic core of a website.

Goals, Objectives and Analysis


Content preparation and TK

Formation of the main sections, blocks of the Internet resource, the design of the menu, as well as the development of text content. The terms of reference clearly sets out the requirements that the development process necessarily includes. The site requires the construction of a modular grid, thanks to which the navigation through the web resource is greatly facilitated.

Content preparation and TK


Design and Layout

Creating a site design should be entrusted to professional designers so that there are no unnecessary elements on the resource. The visualization process will allow you to present and evaluate the future work of websites. Next is the layout of the web resource and programming of the main elements envisaged, which will greatly facilitate the work when filling it.

Design and Layout


Testing and Publishing

The work of the site in test mode allows you to make adjustments to its work and troubleshoot. When the web resource system is established, we publish the site. Further site optimization process may continue in the future. Any site in order to maintain its position as a leader in the issuance of search engines needs constant optimization.

Testing and Publishing
We provide a full range of services to create a high-quality and efficient website

Entrust the creation of your site to professionals

What do we guarantee?

A modern web site designed individually for your business, which will increase the number of customers and sales.

What will you get?

An Internet resource convenient for business management, customer relations, presentation of the range of services and products of the company.

How much is it?

Despite the fact that a quality website can not be cheap, we try to minimize the cost of the project while doing it at 100%

Universality of solutions

We provide both a quick option for creating a resource and professional web development services.

Large staff of specialists

In our company, specialists of different profiles, who have an impressive experience in the field of creating websites.

Over 10 years experience

Sites, the creation of which we are engaged, retain the position of leaders in search engines for a long period of time.

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