Proven and reliable way to be always in touch

Proven and reliable way to be always in touch

Corporate mail for the domain

An email domain is a collection of interconnected mailboxes with the same name. The mailbox address consists of two parts, where the first one contains the individual name, invented by the user, and the second one – the domain name is written, which is common to all electronic mailboxes. Mail services greatly simplify communication between people during personal correspondence and in the process of business communication. In business, the performance of any task should bring some benefit, if not immediately, then at least in the long term. Having connected mail to the domain, the owner of online store or any other business, receives a number of advantages.

Personal Address

Use corporate email addresses that are easy to remember and have a positive effect on the company’s image. You can also create mailing lists. E-mail safely stores your data, and also in real time notifies you about received letters.

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Personal Address
mailbox management on your own domain

Features and Benefits of Mail

Comfortable and smooth work with correspondence: an unlimited number of mailboxes, protection against spam and viruses, creating backup copies and other useful functions.

Post service

Create a lot of mailboxes for employees with a significant amount of information

Mail on your own domain

The presence of such mail is solid and reliable, and for a self-respecting business it is even necessary


Copies are made automatically and will help to restore important correspondence in case of unexpected loss of messages

Trained antispam

Special anti-spam system learns over time and remembers which emails you have marked as spam


All incoming messages are scanned by the antivirus for malware, ensuring security


The system will automatically forward incoming messages from the mailbox to the specified address

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