Domain Names

Domain Names

find the perfect name for your site

find the perfect name for your site

What is a domain and how to choose it?

Domain name is the address of the created site or a specific zone that has its own name, unlike any other in the domain name system. A domain address is a unique identifier for a host. It consists of words, most often written in Latin letters. These words are separated by dots.

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What is a domain and how to choose it?

Domain Registration

Please note the following specifications for registering a domain correctly:

Domain can consist only of Latin letters and numbers. Hyphens and periods are also allowed.

We recommend registering a domain with a tenacious and easy to remember domain name.

It is better to register a domain with a minimum of additional characters, like hyphens and periods.


Key Domain Issues

What documents are required to register a domain name?

No documents are required for domain registration. It is enough to find a free domain name that interests you, fill out an application and pay for the domain registration service according to our tariffs.

Is it possible in order to preserve anonymity in advance to provide incorrect data?

Domain registration rules in all domain zones prohibit the indication of false registration data. And although the entered data is not verified during the registration of domains, they can be verified later, and the domain can be removed from delegation or blocked if it turns out that you entered false data.

It should be noted that in the case of entering incorrect credentials you can not:
• defend their right to the domain in the event of a dispute
• re-register a domain to another person
• restore the login / password of your account in case of loss of this data.

Can you pick me a domain? Where can I see a list of free domains?

For our part, we recommend that you apply the basic principles when choosing your domain name: brevity, ease of writing, informative and memorable. Unfortunately, there are no generated lists of free domain names that would be synchronized between the registrars, so you need to select a domain solely by the method of selection through the field of checking domain names on our website.

Registration and delegation – what’s the difference?

When registering a domain goes through 2 stages: registration and delegation. When registering a domain, the domain information is added to the Internet domain database. After that follows the next stage – delegation. As long as your domain is not delegated, it will not work. Delegation is a very important step in registering a domain, because after your domain has been implemented, it will be fully functional and you will be able to see it on the Internet. Simply put, delegation is the activation of your registered domain.

What is a registrar?

A domain database containing information about registered domain names is called the Unified Domain Registry. The register is managed by the authorized body – coordinator. A legal entity accredited by the coordinator to provide users with registration services is called a registrar.

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