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About Us

The company ZoL.md has been providing services since 2007. Our mission is to bring the best experience of using information technologies, creating simple and convenient solutions for business and for people. We are able to listen and hear our customers. We see the essence and find bright solutions for each project. We help many companies and people to conduct their business in a variety of industries. This is a very interesting job and a big responsibility. We choose only powerful and reliable equipment, because we know how important our customers are its performance and smooth operation.

ZoL.md provides its customers with high-quality solutions for data centers and hosting. Our equipment is provided with guaranteed power through several supply channels, UPS battery packs. Industrial air conditioning systems are used to maintain the temperature in the data center at a constant level.

Reliability and Safety

Your data is stored with strict confidentiality, and reliable technical equipment of the company guarantees their integrity and security.

Speed and Responsiveness

Our server is equipped with the latest technology, and support works quickly, efficiently and smoothly. With us you save time and, last but not least, nerves.

Savings and Benefits

Services will not cost you dearly, but the quality level will remain high. Regular discounts and special price offers make working with us enjoyable and profitable.

ZoL.md – company with long experience in the field of IT-services

Web Hosting

ZoL.md company offers high-quality and profitable hosting for sites of any complexity. Our professionalism allows us to offer each client effective, modern and reliable hosting solutions.


Domain Name

A domain name isn’t only the name by which visitors can find your site, but it is also part of the email address. Often, domain registration is the first step in creating and hosting a site.


Dedicated Servers

Your personal Dedicated server for the price of virtual hosting. Dedicated hosting, Dedicated server or Managed server – this is a high project performance and complete isolation.


Cloud Storage

For solid resellers and integrators who would like to use our VPS hosting platform, we have very attractive offers. The cloud server is ideal for hosting high-traffic sites.


SSL certificates

SSL Certificates protect your customers’ confidential information by encrypting data during transmission. Becoming the owner of an SSL certificate, you can reliably protect your site from hacking.



Your email will be reliable and secure, and most importantly – with the unique name of your site. Your partners and friends will remember your email more quickly, as it will be associated with the name of your domain.


SEO Website

A set of measures to ensure site traffic by targeted visitors. Targeted visitors are potential consumers who are interested in purchasing goods or services presented on the site.


Site Builder

The easiest way to create a website. Over 200 amazing templates. Try our constructor and see how simple it is. Designer will allow you to manage your own site.


Design and Development

Design decisions in the design of advertising are the basis of its productivity. Therefore, the importance of choosing the right shape, style, colors and other details is in the first place.


Site Development

Web development is the process of creating a website. The main stages of the process are web design, page layout, client and server programming for the web server configuration.